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Do you need to find out how to get a property survey in Ontario? A property survey, also known as a survey plan, will help to protect your investment in your property and is something that every homeowner should have. A survey plan is a two-dimensional drawing created by an Ontario Land Surveyor which illustrates the exact location of a property’s boundaries as well as the locations of any easements, rights-of-way, buildings and other physical structures like fences, sheds and decks. These surveys are extremely valuable when it comes to planning new additions to the home, selling your home, as well as avoiding potential property disputes with neighbours.

In many cases, a property survey may already exist for most addresses within the GTA. The top land survey firms can provide clients with online access to a massive inventory of surveys. In the event that a property survey is either out of date or does not exist, a new survey can be commissioned from an Ontario Land Surveyor to meet your needs.

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How to Get a Property Survey in Ontario

Property surveys are very important documents that illustrate the location, dimensions and characteristics of your property. The survey must be completed by an Ontario Land Surveyor in order to be a valid document containing unbiased opinions about the property and its boundaries.
If you need a property survey for an address in Ontario, there are two options to choose from: finding an existing survey or commissioning a new survey. Many addresses in Ontario and across the GTA will have an existing property survey already completed and available. While this method of obtaining a survey is usually quick and easy, the information contained in the survey may be older and sometimes out of date. In some cases the survey may not contain the specific information that is necessary.
Existing surveys can often be obtained online. Contact a land survey firm that can provide access to a massive online inventory of existing property surveys for most addresses in the GTA.

Commissioning a New Property Survey

It may be necessary to commission a new property survey under the following conditions:
  • The existing survey is out of date or does not contain the specific information necessary
  • A property survey does not exist for the property
  • A new survey is required as a condition of a real estate transaction
  • Your local municipality requires a new survey for a building project you are applying for permits for.
In the event that a new survey is needed, the top land survey firms will be able to provide a variety of professional survey services. This includes commissioning a new property survey with an Ontario Land Surveyor.
Discover how easy and convenient it can be to get a property survey in Ontario today. 

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